In memory of

Leonora Stapleton

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Leonora Stapleton, this 4th of October 2021. It was a Monday morning. Leonora was surrounded by her family.

Leonora was an immensely talented choreographer and dancer, who had been part of the original cast of Broadway's "The Lion King" and "Tarzan".

After beating cancer the first time around in 2017, she devoted herself to projects designed to help others benefit from her experience, as well as various charity organizations in Leeds. The cancer came back in 2020, and despite being more and more aware that she wouldn't win a second time, she still kept smiling and remained positive until the very end, and wouldn't let anyone worry about her.

She was a sister, an auntie, a teacher, a mentor, a volunteer, and a friend to many around the world. She was a truly beautiful soul. She was the best of us.

Leonora, we'll miss you. May you live forever as a never-ending source of inspiration, to all of us.


Leonora's passing occurred at a particular time in her and her family's lives, and we would like to help them as much as we can, by providing financial support for her funeral, as well as to help her family carry on her work and her legacy.


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