About Be Body Aware

Be Body Aware provides a ‘Body in Mind’ approach to minimise uneasiness, inspire self improvement and maximise well being.

Our aim is to alleviate stress, build confidence, resilience and self awareness by utilising our distinct process of deepening the body and mind connection. We are a unique company that inspire’s awareness of a better you!

Our transformative approach uses movement based narratives, dance and other physical practices that have a bespoke body in mind approach, which focuses on well being and other issues related to social behaviour. We provide practical solutions for individuals to embrace and move through life’s adversities.

We have speaking engagements, movement based workshops, training programmes, classes, and one to one support, to maximise the potential of individuals and ‘move’ them to greater health and well being.

About the Director

Leonora Stapleton, Director of Be Body Aware is a professional dancer who has worked internationally with multiple dance companies. One of her career highlights was performing on Broadway, in ‘The Lion King’. Leonora is an experienced Choreographer, Speaker, and Teacher. In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management.

Leonora has had first hand experience of how the body can improve one’s state of mind. Among other crises, Leonora had to endure her own health crisis when she was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer and chose to have a mastectomy. The experience of this led her to recognise her own resilience and the desire to share the knowledge of how to face ones fear and overcome adversities. She is dedicated to supporting and empowering others to face their fears, self limiting beliefs and unleash the ‘body in mind’s’ power.