Do The Conveniences Of Today’s World Inhibit Or Help Us Connect To Ourselves?

2 years ago

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So much progress, in technology, has been developed to help our lives become more comfortable. Technology makes it easy for us to order food on ‘just eat‘, buy our groceries online and and have them delivered, purchase a variety of items from Amazon and use our smart devices for many other reasons. All this can be done from the comforts of our homes, as an effort to make our lives easier, especially after a stressful day at work or school!

In the past, people had to be more physical. Things were not at their finger tips and they didn’t have a virtual assistant called ‘Alexa’. They had to make an effort to walk to various shops to buy their groceries; order items by use of a catalogue; gain knowledge by reading an encyclopaedia instead of Wikipedia; use the pedals to ride a bike instead of electricity; and so much more. Now, we can easily play video games, change a TV channel, surf the internet or do other things that don’t require us to get out of our seats. Such conveniences can be beneficial, however, they can also result in us becoming more disconnected with the people around us, our own bodies, and even ourselves.

Social media has had such an influence on how we are presenting ourselves to the world. In fact, there were times when I was going through a difficult period and felt like everyone else was doing so well, which had an impact on my self esteem. Once I started to focus my attributes and accepted my flaws, my life took on new meaning. This definitely affected my well being for the better. Studies show that the rate of people suffering from anxiety and depression has increased and their daily physical activities have decreased. In addition, the quiet moments in life are often replaced by the busyness of our minds, even at the cost of our own well being. Research shows that being active can decrease a person’s chances of becoming unwell. Physical activity can benefit us in countless ways, such as boosting our overall well being and enhancing our brain function. This is due to the body’s natural ability to release chemicals, such as endorphins, that has a ‘good-feeling’ factor, when we engage in some form of moderate exercise.

On social media, we tend to share the good aspects of our lives and often feel pressured to do the same at work. However, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that the main cause of work related stress is the workload.This is due to people’s fear of being judged about their competence, when they have trouble coping with their workload. In addition, if we don’t feel valued at work it is easy to see how people can perceive themselves as being ‘easily replaceable’. Evidence shows that work related stress is not only based on a person’s approach to his or her workload, it can also be the organisation’s high expectations and demands that are placed on their employees. The challenge is that if people continue to hide and don’t share their distress, there is no need for the situation to change.

The convenience we have attained due to technology, the impact of stress at work or school, and the pressure of looking like ‘I have it all together’, can have an effect on our overall health and well being. Thankfully, I have learned to focus on what I can do rather than dwell on what isn’t working for me. This along with learning to speak up, when the pressure gets overwhelming and having a morning routine that includes dancing, running and listening to my favourite motivational speakers, has definitely improved my overall well being. One of my favourite speakers, Les Brown states, “Start from where you are with what you have ‘cause what you have is plenty”. It reminds me to look for what is good about my life, in this present moment.

People who have a morning routine have shared that it increases their overall productivity, builds confidence and adds value to their lives. Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, listening to something inspiring, or simply walking in nature, as well as other morning disciplines, have been proven to decrease levels of stress. Doing some sort of movement mindfully has definitely helped me. No matter what you choose, I suggest that it is something beneficial for you. This way, you are more likely to do it and start your day off in a way that makes you feel good and boosts your overall mood and well being. You deserve it!

Leonora Stapleton